Made from 100% Reycled Plastic

Lined with 4.1oz landscaping fabric to allow drainage out the bottom

Alberta sourced plastic and manufactured in Nobleford, AB


Weight:150 lbs

Outside Dimensions: 49"X27"x20"

Inside Dimensions: 42.5"x20.25"x16"



2' x 4' Recycled Plastic Garden Box w/ Option of Soil

Soil Options
  • Premium Potting Soil - Big Yellow Bag - Bos Sod   +$50

          A mixture of Black Garden Soil and fir bark fines. The Premium Potting Soil is lighter in texture and created specifically for container gardening projects such as planters, raised garden beds and pots. You can plant directly into this soil. (1/3 yd3)


    Earthly Matters Organic Soil (Coaldale)  + $75

         A mixture of coconut coir, worm castings and organic fertilizer (8-3-2). Perfect for regular or self-watering garden beds. No additional fertilizers needed. (1/3 yd3)


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